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By Ace1 - Posted on 19 February 2011

I recently went snowboarding with three long time friends from my college days. I use the term recently was December...this is February...damn adult responsibilities. We were riding Silver Mountain in Idaho. I learned how to snowboard at Silver in 1990 and have many fond memories of the hill. Some of those memories are painful...learning how to snowboard on "bullet proof" snow is not something I recommend.

Thinking back to those days of non-stop winter adventure fueled by a high dose of testosterone and a low dose of common sense reminded me of a shoe box which contains a record of the events. I dug into that shoe box today and spent some time scanning the old 110 and 35mm point and shoot prints from that time. It's surprising that we were able to get any action shots with that equipment.

The shoe box full of old school snowboard photos was the start of Digital Daredevil Media. At the time I was more interested in snowboarding and spent more time in front of the camera than behind it. Most of the shots in the slideshow are credited to one of those long time friends JAF.

Silver cat track
Silver rock
Rocker silver
Rocker schweitzer
Rocker schweitzer 2
JF Baker
JB Silver
JB Silver 2
Ace Silver
Ace Silver Cornice
Ace Schweitzer
Ace Baker